Aircraft Detailing Services

A high quality and specialized aircraft detailing service preserves the life and appearance of the aircraft and restores the aircraft to look as good as new. The majority of aircraft owners, operators and pilots prefer to have their aircraft detailing performed by an expert company like Speed Clean Services. We have the right knowledge and expertise to offer the highest level of quality and customer service available in the aviation industry.

Benefits of Aircraft Detailing

Improved Performance
As aircraft get exposed to extreme conditions the paint is damaged or faded. Professional waxing and polishing of the aircraft surface not only improves the look by restoring the shine on the paint of the aircraft, it also improves the performance by reducing the drag resulting in faster speeds and reduced fuel consumption.

Increased Value and Cost Savings

Regular cleaning and detailing of your aircraft helps maintain or even improve its overall value. Additionally, you can experience significant cost savings by postponing future paint jobs.

We offer mobile services so we can come to your hangar and perform the detailing at your airport’s wash rack.

Aircraft Detailing Services include:

            • • Exterior wash
            • • Complete clay bar
            • • Exterior buffing and polishing
            • • Exterior wax
            • • Scratch-free window cleaning
            • • Complete vacuum
            • • Complete carpet extraction
            • • Complete leather conditioning
            • • Complete detail of cockpit area
            • • Engine detail
            • • Upper wing services for tall aircrafts

Call (586) 791-1500 for a quote.

Prices depend on size,

e.g., a Cessna 185 on floats is $500-700 + Travel Time.