Motorcycle Detailing by Speed CLean Services

The Motorcycle Detailer's at Speed Clean Services have detailed many Sport bikes, Custom bikes, and Cruisers throughout the years in the Metro Detroit, MI area. Since many service tech own motorcycles, they know that the key to a top quality Motorcycle Detail is precise attention to detail, because it is the many small things that make the overall detail of a Motorcycle turn out great. If your looking for the BEST Motorcycle Detailer's in Metro Detroit then search no more.  Speed Clean Services is the answer!

All of our Motorcycle Detailing Services start with a thorough wash to ensure all areas of the bike are clean and free of bugs, tar, and rubber.  Then, the painted surfaces receive a clay bar treatment to remove the dirt below the surface of the paint to ensure the truest color of the paint is revealed.  If swirls and fine scratches are present on painted or plastic surfaces, we then polish the paint to ensure a swirl-free finish.  On heavily chromed motorcycles, such as Harley Davidson cruisers, we would go ahead and polish all chrome finishes and aluminum to a very high luster to ensure the best appearance possible. Finally, all surfaces will be treated to a durable ultra high-quality sealant to preserve the beautiful finish we have produced from the harsh natural elements Michigan has to offer for months to come.

services available

Sport bike Detailing
Starting at $99.00

  • • Wheels and tires cleaned and degreased.

  • • Engine, frame, swing arm, underbody and tail deep cleaned.

  • • Engine/frame/swing arm/underbody/rims, you name it, degreased and deep cleaned

  • • Fairing's gently hand washed

  • • Blown dry.

  • • Gauge area gently cleaned

  • • Faring's safely hand polished  to get out as much swirls as safely as possible.  Glaze is applied followed by your choice of a sealant or Carnauba wax.

  • • Engine tastefully detailed and dressed

  • • Leather seat/s cleaned, conditioned and protected

  • • windscreen clean and treated with rain repellent


Custom Choppers & Cruisers Detailing
Starting at $150.00

• Engine/frame/swing arm/under body/rims, you name it, degrease and deep cleaned

• All painted surfaces clayed to remove all embedded contaminates!

• Gently hand washed

• Blown dry

• Tins safely hand polished  to get out as much swirls as safely as possible. Sealant and/or Carnauba wax applied.

• Aluminum/chrome etc. cleaned, polished and protected

• Engine tastefully detailed and dressed

• Leather seats cleaned, conditioned and protected