Marine Detailing by Speed CLean Services

33 years and counting, our experience becomes a true difference here!

Boats are more than just a mode of transportation. For connoisseurs and collectors, boats and watercrafts are a style statement. They should always look prim and proper and the details should not be lost. The glaze should stay intact, sheen should stay as glossy, and the rim should not rust. Boats must ooze glamour, status, taste and more. In order to keep up this premise you need expert boat detailing professionals like us who understand your boats well and know how close these floaters are to you.

With our innovative steam cleaning technology and bio-degradable solutions and polishes, your boats retain their sheen for long. By using steam, we ensure that boats are cleaned with as less water as possible and don't need to be scrubbed for grime removal, one practice that frays the exteriors badly! Our eco cleaning method restores boats to prime condition, whether for resale, leisure or showcases.

Boat Detailing -Time and Expertise

There is no easy or quick way to restore a boat. Many highly skilled boat detailing professionals must work for long hours manually to get you the results. And that's what our professionals love doing!

Our technicians have many years of boat detailing experience. Their experience combined with our innovations ensures that while paying for boat detailing you not only get back a boat that looks in great shape but you add a few dollars to its resale value as well. We restore boats to mint condition with our marine detailing service.

Wherever your boat floats, Speed Clean will be at your service!

Speed Clean Services boat specialists prioritize customer convenience so we perform in our state of the art auto detail shop or onsite by mobile detailing units If your craft is too large to tow. Just choose a time and place that best suits you and get your boats back in prime condition in your own well.

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Boat Detailing

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SeaDoo & Jet Ski Detailing

Prices vary depending on type of service, location and condition of the vessel. Call for a free quote today.


Our professional boat detailing services include:

Steam cleaning interior - Interior cleaning is equally sufficient and thorough. Storage lockers and hatches where mold and mildew usually start are steamed clean to precision. Our experts annihilate scuff marks, bird stains, and rust on every slip and turn. The helm stations including instrument panels, throttles, wheel, cushions, and exterior chairs are inspected and restored to neat and grime-free condition.

Steam cleaning exterior - Exterior cleaning involves removal of any dirt, grime, and impurities that may have built up on the boat. Special attention is provided in detailed areas of your boat such as the rails, rod holders and wood trim. Our experts are keen on keeping the bright work of your boats polished and clean. Wet sanding is applied on the hull to avoid scraping and fresh coat of clear coat wax seals the deal.

Hull and topsides exterior boat detailing is offered separately.