It is important in today’s litigious environment to call a professional firm to handle water losses. Timing is critical to the drying of a structure to prevent the growth of destructive mold and mildew. However, in the unfortunate event of microbial growth Speed Clean Services understands the importance of remediation.

Prevent Health Complications Caused by Mold

In the unfortunate event of microbial growth (mold), our highly trained team of experts understand the importance of remediation and proper cleaning of contaminated areas. Our trained technicians use the latest technology to properly eliminate harmful microbiological contamination.

  • We have extensive experience and knowledge of the latest industry standards.
  • We use safe methods that are effective and eco-friendly as well as use state of the art equipment.

  • We are properly certified and insured specifically for this type of work.

  • We provide a detailed plan of action for the remediation process

  • We have a proven track record of successful mold removal and remediation projects

10 steps for mold remediation:

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