At Speed Clean, we recognize the intricate cleaning requirements and the delicate nature of circumstances like unattended deaths and crime scenes. As a dependable, family-run business, we deliver essential biohazard and crime scene cleaners Clinton Township residents and agencies can depend on. We ensure discreet and complete risk management for any traumatic scenario requiring expert cleaning solutions. Our skilled technicians are committed to handling your biohazard removal needs with utmost professionalism and assurance of quality.

Discreet Biohazard Removal in Clinton Township 

At Speed Clean, our aim is to deliver comprehensive biohazard cleaning services that are both efficient and sensitive to the needs of families and individuals affected by an incident. We have specialized expertise in several key areas:

  • Crime scene cleanup

  • Unattended death

  • Suicide

  • Homicide / Murder

Why Get Professional Biohazard Cleanup Services?

  • Expertise

    Cleaning up after a biohazard incident goes beyond regular house cleaning, due to the significant risk of exposure to hazardous materials. Our skilled crime scene cleaners are seasoned in handling a variety of events and possess the expertise required to thoroughly clean and disinfect an area.

  • Compassion

    Traumatic incidents leave a profound impact on those involved. Dealing with the repercussions of a suicide or homicide can be overwhelmingly difficult, both emotionally and in practical terms. With our experience in assisting numerous families through such hardships, we are committed to providing our customers with steadfast support during these most challenging times.

  • Competence

    With over four decades of experience, Speed Clean possesses a deep understanding of the requirements of families and law enforcement agencies for crime scene cleanup in Clinton Township.

Our Biohazard Cleanup Process

Families and businesses place their trust in Speed Clean for their biohazard removal needs for good reason. Our commitment to professional and empathetic customer service is matched by our thorough process that ensures complete cleaning of the affected area.

  • 1

    Assessment: Each crime scene or incident site is unique. Our skilled technicians are trained to assess and address the specific cleanup requirements of the situation they encounter.

  • 2

    Setup: Speed Clean uses industry standard protocols to identify and isolate areas of a scene that pose a biohazard risk.

  • 3

    Biohazard Removal: Our technicians remove blood and biological material at the scene.

  • 4

    Cleaning: The Speed Clean technician will thoroughly clean and disinfect the incident location.

  • 5

    Inspection: We’ll test to ensure that biohazard has been successfully removed, and that the area has been disinfected.

Choose Expert Crime Scene Cleaners in Clinton Township

Speed Clean offers assistance and services following unexpected events, such as homicides and various crime scenes. Here is what you can anticipate from Speed Clean:

  • We offer professional services so your family does not have to deal with the scene of a loved one’s passing.
  • Our caring and compassionate professionals perform the cleaning courteously and discreetly.
  • Our representatives may even be able to assist you with family insurance forms, easing another burden involved in traumatic situations.
  • We have existing relationships with the local police and sheriff’s departments, assisting with crime scene cleaning and biohazard removal.

Contact Us 24/7

Our services are available around the clock. Should you require biohazard cleaning services, simply reach out to Speed Clean, and we will ensure that your space is thoroughly cleaned and restored.

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(586) 791-1500