Acts of vandalism can destroy the appearance, as well as the integrity of a structure, and affect the entire neighborhood. But there is no need to succumb to vandals—most insurance policies do cover acts of vandalism, allowing for repairs and restorations necessary to bring the property to its pre-loss condition.

Don’t Succumb to Vandals! Our 4 Step Vandalism Restoration Process:

  • 1
    Our team of trained technicians will respond to the scene immediately.
  • 2

    Before repair and restoration begins, our team will make sure the property is secure. This includes: boarding up broken windows and doors as needed, securing the structure, and cleaning up broken glass and debris, making sure your property is safe.

  • 3

    After securing the property, we will assess the damage, obtain new materials and schedule permanent repairs to be completed on a timely basis.

  • 4

    Our restoration specialists work with you to restore your property to its pre-loss condition

Types Of Damage

  • Structural Damage:

    Vandalism that results in structural damage, such as broken windows, stolen copper pipes or wires, or damaged doors and walls may keep a business from opening its doors, resulting in monetary loss. When it occurs in a residence, you may find yourself in a temporarily unlivable situation. We work with you and your insurance company to make sure this type of damage is repaired as quickly as possible, and your home or business is restored to its pre-loss condition.

  • Structural Damage:

    Cosmetic Damage:

    Cosmetic damage caused by vandals, such as graffiti, can be just as harmful as structural damage. Although graffiti may not affect the structure of a building, it affects its character. A business suffering from graffiti and other cosmetic vandalism may be less attractive to customers, and a home that has been tagged may lose value in the market and become an eyesore for the neighborhood. We can be on the spot immediately to mitigate this type of damage.

Leave It To The Experts

If you are the victim of vandalism, there are three calls you need to make: The police, your insurance company, and Speed Clean Services. Your best strategy is to leave any containers or other material the vandals may have left for the police. If there is broken glass, don’t attempt to remove large pieces from the window pane, leave the dangerous clean-up to the experts at Speed Clean Services.

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