For decades, business owners in metro Detroit have been relying on Speed Clean for commercial pressure washing services. We deal with all sizes of commercial cleaning projects, from sidewalk cleaning and gum removal to pressure washing of apartments, condominiums, strip malls and multi-story office buildings.

A clean slate for your business – guaranteed

What impression does your business’s exterior give off? Does it encourage customers to walk in the door? Does it put people in a positive mood? Every surface of your commercial space gives off vibes that can welcome and encourage business, or turn it away. Speed Clean commercial pressure washing services can help you make your business a clean, inviting space.

We guarantee our commercial power washing services will make the surfaces around your business clean. If the job isn’t done to your satisfaction, we’ll make it right with a free re-service.

What Can Commercial Pressure Washing Services Do?

Give your business an appearance that shows your customers you care about your image. Here are a few of the ways that power washing can help:

  • 1
    Remove gum, grease or other unsafe substances on or around your building
  • 2

    Clean building exterior, signs and awning

  • 3

    Get rid of offensive graffiti

  • 4

    Remove dirt, grease and other hazardous or slippery substances from dumpster areas

  • 5

    Eliminate unsightly white stains (efflorescence) from masonry work


What Our Customers Say

Jenni Michell

I took my Sierra to Speed Clean Services for a well needed detailing. It had been quite some time since my truck’s last cleaning and it was in great need. I was very pleased with the job that Dan performed. He even took the time to…


Amazing customer service. I live in a different region of the country, so I could not use Speed Clean’s services, but I had questions concerning mold growth in my car. I called Speed Clean to ask for any guidance or insight despite me not…

Why Choose Speed Clean?

Since 1980, Speed Clean has been providing homeowners and business owners in metro Detroit with expert cleaning and restoration services.

  • Family owned & operated
  • 40+ years of experience and expertise
  • Professional, courteous and on time
  • Quality guarantee: if you’re not satisfied, we’ll re-service
  • Ready to make a clean first impression for your customers? Call Speed Clean for commercial pressure washing services today!

Trust Speed Clean for your Business Cleaning Needs

Make your life easier by keeping all your commercial cleaning needs under one roof. Speed Clean has been a dependable service for businesses in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties. Here are a few other commercial services we offer.

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