Speed Clean Services has the professional tile and grout cleaning equipment and know-how to restore your business’ tile and grouted surfaces to a beautiful, original appearance! Our process will take seemingly impossible dirty grout and clean it back to its original color! Ask about our cleaning and sealing process and give your washroom, entrance, or hall tile floors a whole new look! You will be amazed at the results!

Bring New Life To Your Commercial Floors

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Services use unique equipment to safely remove built up dirt and grime. Restoring your tile and grout surfaces to look like new, saving you time and money. Our environmentally friendly method of cleaning and sealing tile and grout enhances the appearance of your floors while creating an invisible “barrier” making future cleaning a breeze.

Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

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    CLEAR SEALING: If you are pleased with the results of the cleaning, we can go ahead and apply a clear sealer to the floor to protect it from further staining or …
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    GROUT RE-COLORING: If the results did not meet your expectations and there is a considerable amount of staining and discoloration, we can recolor the grout to the color of your choice.
In either case your grout will look almost as good as the day it was installed.

Grout Colorant Chart

think all grout are sealed? think again…

You might be surprised to find out that grout cannot be sealed at the time of tile installation. Newly installed grout usually needs 72 hours to cure before a sealant can be applied to it. Since sealer is not necessarily a “requirement” of a tile and grout job, contractors will often skip this important step for one or both of the following reasons:

This problem is seen in about 90% of new tile installations. Without properly sealing the tile and grout, dirt and debris will build up in the pores of the grout. Routine maintenance, such as mopping, cannot properly remove dirt from the grout. In most cases, mopping simply forces the dirt into the grout lines where it accumulates over time and can actually promote the growth of bacteria.

One of the biggest threats to tile surfaces is toxic mold. Mold develops when moisture builds up and heat and moisture are allowed to fester causing mildew. Mildew continues to develop into mold. Hiring a professional tile & grout cleaning company to properly evaluate and maintain your tile situation is a great first step towards keeping your tile looking beautiful for a long time to come. Speed Clean Services has trained and experienced cleaning professionals that will tackle your tile and grout maintenance needs.

Why you need to seal your grout

Besides its decorative aspects, grout serves other, more functional purposes. One important job of the grout lines is to give water a place to accumulate versus sitting on top of the tile surface. This helps address the slippery nature of most tile surfaces. In addition to the water, dirt and debris also find their way into the grout. By sealing the pores, the water still has a place to go while dirt and debris are kept out. This drastically reduces the time and effort required during routine maintenance and helps keep the grout looking like it did when it was new.

We want to serve you for a lifetime and we want you to be 100% satisfied with the job. You deserve the best… Speed Clean Services Best! Call us for a free estimate on your tile cleaning job today! Serving the Metro Detroit, MI Area including Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services Include:

  • Restore your old tile and grout
  • Speed Clean Services uses the best tile and grout cleaning solution
  • Buffed and sealed to maintain that “new tile look”
  • Firm estimates with no hidden charges
  • Specially trained technicians
  • Convenient on-time appointments

Tile and Grout Cleaning Maintenance

  • In Commercial Applications depending on foot traffic and conditions, the floors should be professionally maintained at least quarterly to revitalize the floor surfaces and grout lines at a substantial discount.

Our Guarantee:

You will be 100% satisfied with our quality workmanship and services, or Speed Clean Services will return and clean to your satisfaction.

We will arrive on time on the specified day.

If for some reason any damage to floors or fixtures are sustained as a result of our cleaning methods or procedures it will be repaired at no charge and at your earliest convenience.

We will be responsible for moving furniture ( some restriction apply in residential applications) out of the way where possible, and for returning them to their original location. When we are completed you can expect everything to be orderly. Floors that are sealed require 2 to 3 hours drying in the grout lines.

Let us take care of your home or business today!

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